One of the best customer-centric feature AT&T Wireless phones now have available is a quick & easy way to find out exactly how many minutes you have left in your cell phone plan this month.


Check your minutes on Cingular

 All you have to do is dial *MIN# and hit SEND.


In a minute or two, AT&T Wireless will send a text message back to your phone with the Minutes Remaining in your cell phone plan — and it’s broken down into ANYTIME, N&W (Nights & Weekends), and RO (Rollover Minutes accrued to date).


This is a great feature to stay ontop of your cell phone plan so you’re not stung by unexpected overage charges.  Although for me, since I don’t use anywhere close to my allotted minutes each month, this free service just allows me to stay amazed at how many thousands of rollover minutes I actually have left (I have over 6,000 rollover minutes as of today!).


And I’m on such an economical plan right now ($30/1000 minutes anytime with Free Mobile-to-Mobile) that it’s not worth it to change plans to a small bucket of minutes.  So I use this feature to just stay amazed at how much I can really talk if I wanted to — the problem is that I don’t think I can find anyone that wants to hear me that much! :-)

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