It’s a such funny world these days. 

Privacy is something many of us guard — like we have unlisted telephone numbers so that they are not printed in phone book.  Or…Verizon also lets you set-up Caller ID block — where YOUR caller ID is blocked from being shown to the person you are calling.
Yet at the same time I’m sure a lot of people that use these privacy features also instruct Verizon to turn on “anonymous call rejection” — meaning, you won’t take their call if they do the same thing to you!  You want to be private, but won’t accept others that want the same thing too! :-)

Once in awhile, the person you’re calling is smart as you and has turned on anonymous call rejection — which means that if you want to ring their phone, then you have to first TURN OFF your caller id block before calling themBut how do you do that? You run into this so infrequently that you forget the “* code” for Verizon to toggle this feature on and off.

Here’s how, plus some of the other popular Star Codes for Verizon:




ALL Outbound Caller ID Block



Per Call Outbound Caller ID Block


automatically turns off after you hang up

*69 Call Return



Anonymous Call Rejection



Busy Redial



Call Forwarding



Call Waiting

Click Hookswitch


Speed Dial 8


Speed Dial 30


3-way Calling

Call 1st party. Click Hookswitch & get dial tone. Call 2nd party. Click Hookswitch after 2nd party is connected.

Either of 2 parties can hang-up and remaining 2 parties will continue conversation. If call originator hangs-up, all conversations will end.

Verizon DSL

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