It used to be that everyone in America seemed to have written a book.  Now that’s changed to “everyone has a blog”.

But many people don’t know that you can just put a simple snippet of code into the blog template and Google Ads (Adsense) can be automatically shown.  If visitors click on any of those automatically matched relevant ads on a page, you get a share of the profits that Google collects from the advertisers.  And you don’t have to do anything other than install the snippet of code just once!  Nice ROI for that activity!

Here’s a sample snippet of code for the referral ads for the Google Adsense program which will generate the banner ad below. 

The regular Google ads shown through the program will be of course just like the text ads you usually see on Google’s website itself.  And you’ll make money with each visitor click!  Gotta love Google now! :-)

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