Skype Business Accounts = Flexible VoIP Service

Skype Business Accounts = Flexible VoIP Service

A lot of people know Skype, the VoIP platform that’s owned by eBay.  They offer free skype-to-skype calling worldwide, which is a pretty good feature since their memberbase is so large.

What a lot of SMB owners don’t know is that Skype offers Business Accounts which allow you to have a control panel and manage credits and allocations to each employee, usage reports, allocation of telephone numbers for inbound calls, etc.

They have a clean site and interface which is worth a look if you could use an extra telephone line or two for your employees to utilize for business.

Another neat reason to look at Skype for Business Accounts is that there are many hardware vendors that have created products to work with Skype specifically — like adapters so you can use cordless phones, as well as wi-fi phones so that you can use a wireless phone wherever you have a wifi connection (even at hotspots).

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Skype Business Accounts = Flexible VoIP Service