How to Call Any Airline Free Without Knowing Their Toll-Free Telephone Number

There are many things in my brain that are completely useless facts.  Like I actually remember the toll-free numbers to American Airlines and Delta Airlines.  But I don’t know any of the other gazillion airlines out there including JetBlue and Continental which my family flies often.  And when my wife travels on business, I like to loosely keep tabs on her flight back to make sure it got off the ground on time, or if it will look like it will be late, etc.  But this means I’ll make several calls to the airline during those flight days.


So I just pick-up the phone, simply say the name of the airline, and I get connected free of charge — all without every knowing or looking up the toll-free customer service number for any airline.  How?  Are you saying “c’mon, Tell Me!”


Tell Me! Tell Me!

A very little known service for airline toll-free numbers is from TellMe Networks (soon to be part of Microsoft).  They offer a very useful connection service to any airline of choice.

  1. Dial 1-800-555-TELL (1-800-555-8355), or put it in your speed dial list
  2. Say “AIRLINES” at the first prompt (you can cut the voice off usually to say a command)
  3. Say the name of the airline you want
  4. Tell-Me will connect you free of charge to that airline


Chances are, you’ll hear a very familiar voice since TellMe powers MANY customer service numbers like:

  • 1-800-555-TELL
  • 1-800-555-1212
  • 411 for Cingular
  • 1-800-GOFEDEX
  • 1-800-MERRILL
  • 411 for Verizon home phones
  • 1-800-STOCKS1
  • 1-800-DOMINOS


Of course, Tell-Me may not know any and all airline telephone numbers under the sun (there are tons of airlines around the world coming and going).  That’s where the web comes into play as a great resource. has a comprehensive list of every airline telephone number available from AOM French Air to Zimbia Airways!

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How to Call Any Airline Free Without Knowing Their Toll-Free Telephone Number