#1 Reason to Stop using iTunes: The same songs for $0.33 each

#1 Reason to Stop using iTunes: The same songs for $0.33 each

Apple sold it’s 100 Millionth iPod.  They literally are littering the earth.  Not to mention all the NON-Apple branded mp3 players out there.  Everyone is listening to mp3 music.


Why has it become so popular?  A buck seems cheap for a song.  But add up the average 15 songs per album and you’ll pay 15 bucks for an album…not that cheap actually, huh?  Steve Jobs is one smart cookie.


What if you could pay 77% LESS?  That’s right, the same mp3 format songs for $0.33/each, would you buy from a different music store?


Put it a different way, for that same price as the $15 you spent for the last 15 songs you downloaded from iTunes, you could have gotten an extra THIRTY (30!) SONGS FREE for a total of 45 songs.  15 vs 45.  Same songs.  Same mp3 format.  Works the same on your iPod.  Hmm……


Where do you find this secret mp3 treasure trove?  Actually, tons of others have already found the source since it’s now become the largest mp3 music subscription site on the web: eMusic.com  They actually have over 1.5 MILLION songs online and deals with over 39,600 different music labels.  iTunes watch out!


Feelling a little down because you could have had an extra 30 songs, huh?  Stop feeling so blue since eMusic gives free songs.  The first 25 songs you download are free…so now you’re not so behind afterall!  (And it’s the perfect gift as well, since they sell gift certificates now)

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#1 Reason to Stop using iTunes: The same songs for $0.33 each