2 Million Songs On Your Cell Phone (like my Samsung Blackjack) for $5.99

Lately I’ve been trying to explore different ways to use my Samsung Blackjack to exploit the fact that it handles various media files very well.  Music mp3 is one of them.  I started with iTunes and ripping my own CD’s to get mp3 files onto the Blackjack (TIP: don’t load them into your device’s memeory, instead copy them onto the microSD card so you don’t run out of room on your device.).  Then I found out that eMusic has the same catalog of songs for MUCH cheaper — think of it as a discount iTunes.com


But then there’s Yahoo!Music, which I never really gave much thought too, until someone told me that it supports Windows Mobile devices like the Samsung Blackjack on AT&T Network. . .


Here’s the schoop: You can get Christian Rock, Jazz, Top 40, Rock, Classical, Country, etc, etc or any music for that matter at Yahoo! Music – just $5.99 a month UNLIMITED!  Since there are over 2 MILLION songs in the catalog to choose from at the $5 price, they pretty much have every song you’ll ever want.


You can listen on your PC anytime.  You can also listen to 120 internet radio stations.


For a couple bucks more, you get the “Y!Music TO GO” pacakge which then allows you to get any and all of the 2,000,000 songs available on your Samsung Blackjack phone.  A neat concept.


The difference between stores like iTunes.com and Y!Music is that Y!Music is a subscription based service.  So as long as you’re subscribed, you can get any and all songs in the entire catalog.  iTunes is for specific song-final purchases.  With Y!Music, you’re buying a MUSIC SERVICE (think radio, but kind of like song-on-demand instead of listening to a DJ’s playlist).  With iTunes, you’re buying SPECIFIC SONGS.  If you’re an XM sattelite radio subscriber, you really might like this service.  If you find yourself traveling alot, this might be a great service so that you don’t have to carry around yet another device like an iPod of mp3 player.


Here’s a great feature for those that want both.  Y!Music allows you to burn specific songs to CD just like iTunes for only 79 cents/track — which is 20% cheaper than iTunes.  Just for that, it may be worth it.


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  1. I use rhapsody to go with my sansa e250 R AND my blackjack and can ad a third for no extra fee . its quite great as well .


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2 Million Songs On Your Cell Phone (like my Samsung Blackjack) for $5.99