Bookmarks, booksmarks, bookmarks. As you surf the web there’s tons of great sites we come across that you know you’ll want to reference again at some point in the future…So, we all accumulate them but never throw them out it seems — even the neatfreaks amonst us.

Soon, you have a LONG list of “FAVORITES” in Internet Explorer that’s longer than the screen…and it becomes hard to find that site you saved to your Favorites list eons ago. Seems like you have a lot of favorite websites, huh?

Perhaps sorting them ALPHABETICALLY will help your cause…but how?


  • Open a web browser window
  • Click on FAVORITES to display the list of bookmarks on the screen
  • Now, LEFT CLICK on top of any of the bookmarked sites — a POP-UPmenu will come up
  • Click on “SORT BY NAME Super Tip: If you don’t like setting up folders within the Favorites list, here’s a great tip to keep it all organized further. When you SAVE your Bookmarks, add categorical tags to the beginning of each bookmark, so that when they get sorted, they’ll be grouped together on the list. For example, you can pre-pend with tags like “SHOPPING - ” or “REFERENCE - ” or “MY ACCOUNTS –

And finally, I’m sure you’ve already done, it but there’s detailed instructions on how to save to your Favorites list.

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