5 Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 7 & Beyond

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Today, I’m sharing 5 keyboard shortcuts that use all the time when surfing the web through Internet Explorer 7 (with tabs like Firefox).  Hope you can benefit from them…



  • F6: Whenever you want to go to another website, just hit F6 so that the cursor will jump the to Address Bar *AND* highlight the whole line that’s already there.  All you have to do is just start typing the URL you want (and you don’t have to delete or use the backspace key to get rid of the highlighted text) and hit ENTER.


  • ALT + ENTER: When going to a new website, you can automatically have the new site open in a NEW TAB instead of the current browser window by holding down ALT before you hit ENTER to go to the site.


  • CTRL + TAB: Cycles through the already opened tabs so you don’t have to reach for the mouse just to go to the next tabbed website.  Basically like the ALT-TAB for Windows, but for Internet Explorer tabs.


  • F11: Automatically maximizes the browser window so that you can maximize the screen space used to display the website you’re viewing.  It gets rid of the address bar, tabs, menus, any toolbars, etc that you have at the top of your Internet Explorer window.  Simply hit F11 again to toggle back to the previous viewing mode.


  • CTRL + ENTER: “It’s the internet, silly!” ;-) Meaning that you’re running Internet Explorer…a **WEB** browser…so the program already knows that you’re **probably** typing in addresses for WEBSITES, right?…which means you can stop typing in the ‘http://www.” before the domain name and the “.com” after it.  Instead just type the main domain name like “essistme” and then hit CTRL + ENTER and it will fill in the rest to make it http://www.essistme.com.  Basically you can now surf to websites by typing in just one single word.


  • BONUS IE7 KEYBOARD SHORTCUT: I almost overlooked this one because it’s so ingrained in my browsing habits…F5 = Refresh.  When you want to refresh the web page you’re currently viewing in the live window/tab, hit F5 and watch the request/data/form be resubmitted.


These are clearly the keyboard shortcuts I use the most when surfing the web.  What other shortcuts do you use?

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