How To Find a Contractor To Fix A Roof Leak Using

Spring is here, and it’s time to clean up the yard, get the pool ready for summer, and get to those fix-it jobs that need attending to finally.  One of them is a small leak we have in our roof that’s dribbling water down in the ceiling. 

So I headed over to to submit a request for repair estimates.  I was instantly matched up with several pre-screened contractors willing to come out and give a free estimate for the job.  ServiceMagic screens contractors for me so that I only get contractors that are 1) licensed to repair the roof and 2) insured / bonded for liability in case they get injured while repairing my roof leak.


The other thing I really looked out for when setting up appointments with the roofing contractors were their ratings on Service Magic from other home owners that have used them in the past.  When you log onto ServiceMagic’s contractor ratings screen, you can drill down and look up individual scores for various factors like Timeliness, Cleanliness, Within Budget, Communication, Courteousness, etc.  I really don’t want to hire a contractor to fix the leak in my roof if they don’t have any ratings (which means they are new to ServiceMagic’s service) — or if they have negative reviews.


No contractor is perfect, so there’s going to be some negative comments — which is also why I dig into the specific customer ratings on the site to see what specifically they didn’t like about a given roofing contractor.  Perhaps they didn’t show up ever on time, or they were sloppy and left a complete mess after they finished the job, or they were high-pressure salesmen, or they had to come back 3 times to fix the leak in the roof…these comments all give you more comfort in choosing the right contractor for the home repair job.


Of the contractor matches I got for my roof repair estimate request, I got 1 contractor who was specifically a roofing company with 14 positive ratings, another with only 2 ratings, but both were positive, a 3rd contractor was a general home improvement guy that had 32 ratings, but mostly positive and lastly a new contractor without any ratings.  The prices were clustered between $550 and $850 and lastly one came in at $1950.  They all “guaranteed that the leak would be fixed”, but of differing periods of time – 1 year, 3 years and 5 years (they’re confident, huh?).  2 gave their estimates and guarantees in writing, the others were verbal, but were willing to give it in writing.   There’s one final estimate I’m trying to schedule with the guy with 32 positive ratings, but so far, I like the company in the middle in terms of pricing.  As long as they all guarantee that my leak will be fixed, and that they’ll come back to fix it for free until it is fixed, it basically should come down the reputation, and who I like the most on a gut level.  This is where customer ratings comes into play and helps me make somewhat of a less-then-random decision on whom to choose to fix the leak in my house.


Overall, ServiceMagic is a hassle-free way of finding the right contractors.  There of course some tips to get the most out of that I personally go through.  Hopefully I’ll pick the contractor on Monday and have the roof fixed by end of next week.  Too bad it’s raining today!  Perhaps it will be the last time I’ll find water dripping from the ceiling/wall in the foyer.


Rain, rain – go away, come back another day…(after my roof is fixed!)

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