eMusic is a great alternative to iTunes in that it offers much of the same catalog of songs (over 2 million songs), works with your iPod too, but costs much less – about 33 cents/song vs a buck at itunes.com.

eMusic even offers a free trial where you can download any 25 free songs to get started.   If you’re doing the math, this is not a token offer for most people.  Since you will pay a buck per song for each of the next 25 song downloads at iTunes, this would means it’s worth $25 to you for the free trial offer.

Joining is simple — and you may want stay after you grab your free mp3 songs because all their songs are DRM free (no copy-protection hassles!)

In anycase, for whatever reason you may want to cancel the free trial at eMusic

Here’s how to cancel your eMusic account . . .


  • Log into your eMusic account (“login link” is at the top right corner)
  • Next, click on the YOUR ACCOUNT link at the top of the page
  • Click on “CHANGE ACCOUNT STATUS” under the Subscription section on the left side list of options
  • Now just choose the reason for cancellation and submit the request

Before they let you go, they offer you a final promo that allows you to get 15 songs/month for $6 which is only 40 CENTS/SONG – I highly recommend that you try this plan if you are the type of person that buys music often. If you buy just 6 songs a month on iTunes, this is a great plan to have — it’s like getting 9 free songs/month!

    It’s clearly one of the free trial promos that is really hassle free.  They don’t trap you, con-you into staying.  If you want to cancel eMusic, there’s an easy way to do it, and they give a straight-forward last-chance promo for those that don’t want to commit to a music service.

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