Listening to mp3 Music on the Samsung Blackjack i607 using a Bluetooth Headset Wirelessly

The Samsung Blackjack is really a great replacement for my old Treo 650.  I still love it.  However, one letdown I’ve discovered lately is not fault of the Blackjack cell phone iteself, but rather the Bluetooth technology.


I currently use the Plantronics Bluetooth Headset which is awesome because it has a dashboard mount & charger for the car.  So I basically use it whenever I’m in the car and then “hang it up” in the included tiny dock that clips to an airvent on the dash.  It’s a great bluetooth headset.  However, I wasn’t able to figure out how to listen to audiobooks and/or music through the bluetooth headset while I’m driving, which would be nice until recently. . .



I finally figured out that the Samsung Blackjack DOES SUPPORT music streaming through Bluetooth headsets since it supports A2DP which basically means you can continuously listen to music through a Bluetooth connection.  The only hook is that the paired Bluetooth device must also support A2DP — which my Plantronics Explorer 350 headset does not do :-(  Most Bluetooth wireless headsets for cell phones on the market that are promoted in the big box stores like BestBuy don’t support A2DP – but now, there are a couple of Bluetooth Headsets With A2DP, usually on the higher end that support A2DP.


So now, I’m on the hunt for a *comfortable*, A2DP Bluetooth headset for my Samsung Blackjack that won’t break the bank.  And the other important thing is that it’s made to be paired with cell phones.  There are plenty of A2DP headsets that are the “over the head” real headsets that audiophiles use to listen to their stereos at home.  But if you were driving along in your car with these, it would look like you just got off work directing planes on the runway at the airport.


But in the meantime, I figured that I should pick up a pair of standard earbuds for under $10 that will let me listen to my Blackjack just like an iPod.  After you use a Bluetooth headset, you really appreciate the cordless, wireless untethered ability to move your head without being leashed to a device.


But after listening to mp3 audio through the stereo earbuds, you really see another side of your Blackjack — the mp3 player — in action.  It’s truely a versatile player.  With a 2GB microSD card, there really is no need for a separate iPod anymore.   In fact, the Samsung Blackjack is better than an iPod in one way — it also allows you to play music through it’s external speaker, normally used for speakerphone use.  And any review of the phone you read usually mentions how crisp and loud the external speaker is for a device that size.


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3 thoughts on “Listening to mp3 Music on the Samsung Blackjack i607 using a Bluetooth Headset Wirelessly

  1. One question… How do you get the music to play through the speaker phone? When music is played, it sounds really low as if it is playing through the standard phone speaker. When the speaker phone is used on a call, it is much louder…


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