Everyone has a Yahoo!Mail or Hotmail account, so how do you stand out in the crowd?

It’s about time you shelling out the 6 bucks necessary to get your very own custom email address.

There are various options for choosing a custom email address — you can use different permutations of your name like ___@LASTNAME.com or ____@FIRSTNAMELASTNAME.com or ___@LASTNAMEfamily.com — or you can use the “personality” approach such as ___@IMAQTPIE.com or ____@yourinstantmessengeruserid.com or . . . the variations are of course endless. . .

After you’ve figured out generally what type of custom email address you want, you have to go find one that’s available and then register it.

One of the “registrars” (companies that sell these “domain names”) that I recommend to friends is 1and1 Internet.

They are the world’s largest webhost and offer rock-bottom pricing. For the standard “.com” dot com domain name, it costs $6.99/year. The cool part is that 1and1 Intenet INCLUDES a Free Email account – so you can use Outlook, Eurdora or other email program on your computer to check your mail or they also provide free web-based email access, so you can login from anywhere just like you would with Yahoo!Mail, Gmail, etc.

YES, the other companies sell this type of service too, but here’s a price comparison chart to help you realize just how great a value 1and1 Internet is for domain registrations.

Another reason to grab a custom email address is that if you wanted to create a website now or in the future, you will own that website address (called the “domain name”) to use whenever you want. In fact, 1&1 also throws in a easy website-builder program that anyone can use to create a simple website in minutes.

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