How to Resize Photo Files In Bulk

How to Resize Photo Files In Bulk

Did you buy that shiny new digital camera because it had a whopping 8 megapixels or more on the feature list in the store?  What are you going to do with all those pixels?


If you are posting your photos to the web or sending them via email, you certainly don’t need the bloated file size of all the pictures you took with your camera.  Resizing them manually can be a pain in the neck – because you need a photo editing software application as well as the knowledge and time to do it.  Yuck – who wants to do all that?


What do to?  I have the perfect solution for quick resizing of photo files in Windows XP:


Microsoft as published a free set of small applications that they call WindowsXP PowerToys.  They are not officially part of Windows and they are not supported by Microsoft for tech issues.  That said, these are simple, small applications where you really shouldn’t run into any tech issues.


The most useful of the bunch I found was the Image Resizer PowerToy.  It allows you to select on or more photos files in any folder and the RIGHT-CLICK to find a RESIZE PICTURES option.


You get a bunch of different options with pre-set photo sizes as well as the option to input custom dimensions if you wish.   The “SMALL” size is perfect for emailing to other people.  You may want to resize the digital photos to the “MEDIUM” size if you’re posting them online somewhere.



The resulting resized photos are saved with the same filename APPENDED with a number.  If you do not want to keep the original file, you can select the “don’t create copies” option under the Advanced options available.


One advanced tip is that the Resize Pictures option is also available many times within programs when you are opening a dialog box to “browse” your drive and select files.  Instead of quitting or getting out of the application, just right-click on the photo files within the dialog box and the Resize Pictures option should show up as usual right there within the box.




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How to Resize Photo Files In Bulk