Movie Follow-up: “Surf’s Up” Family Reviews Get Thumbs Up

Just checking in to let you know that we did in fact see “Surf’s Up”, the computer animated movie about Cody Maverick, the surfing penguin and Big “Z” with our 2 kids tonight.


It was completely on target with what we found at the online family movie review sites we discussed recently.  The 5+ age rating was appropriate and the specific details in the review were exactly what we found when seeing it in the theater.


No surprises.  That’s what you like as a parent when bringing your kids to the movies.



Kudos to the Kids Movie & TV site and CommonSenseMedia review site we featured in our last post.



Now our kids are both asleep, dreaming of surfing, penguins and catching that next wave. . .

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Movie Follow-up: “Surf’s Up” Family Reviews Get Thumbs Up