iPhone isn't that great

There’s enough hype and hoopla about how great the Apple iPhone is. People are even paying others $300 to sit in line outside the store for them overnight – on top of the $599 they’ll pay for the device – on top of the $800 they’ll pay the 1st year to AT&T Wireless for basic service.

After reading some of the press, like in the Walt Mossberg’s WSJ column or David Pogue’s review in the NY Times, etc, I thought I’d jot down a bunch of the cons of the iPhone cell phone for anyone that’s really trying to make a rational decision to abandon their current cell phone or smart phone like the Blackberry or Samsung Blackjack.

Is it worth $500 or $600 + ($60/month + tax) x 24 months = $2196.13+ for the 2 year contract at the very lowest rate plan? You decide.

Here goes for the 24 Downsides of the Apple iPhone:

  • Although it has a 2 megapixel camera, you CANNOT record video clips

  • Although it’s being marketed as web device with the “real internet” with a “real browser” (Apple Safari), it DOES NOT SUPPORT FLASH, which is used on tons and tons of websites out there.
  • Although you can watch up to 10,000 videos on YouTube, you CANNOT VIEW ANY AND ALL VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE.
  • Although you may be able to use Meebo or other sites as a work around for Instant Messaging, the iPhone DOES NOT SUPPORT INSTANT MESSAGING
  • iPhone 4GBAlthough it is an iPod, and although you can use a bluetooth headset for calls, the iPhone DOES NOT SUPPORT STEREO MUSIC STREAMING THROUGH BLUETOOTH HEADSETS, even if you have have the Jawbone or any other bluetooth headset capable of doing that with a A2DP supported phone.
  • You CANNOT LOAD YOUR OWN 3RD PARTY PROGRAMS onto the iPod. Classic Apple DNA, only proprietary, approved applications may be released by Apple (probably for a fee through iTunes!)
  • You won’t be able to sit in line and pull out your iPhone to play games, because the iPhone DOES NOT HAVE ANY GAMES. Games from the iTunes store are not compatible.
  • Although you can fill it up with 8 GIGS worth of mp3 songs from iTunes, you CANNOT CUSTOMIZE YOUR RINGTONES WITH MP3 SONGS
  • Although it has the “most advanced” interface using your fingers and the touch-screen, you CANNOT USE VOICE COMMANDS OR VOICE RECOGNITION OR VOICE DIALING.
  • The keyboard supposedly isn’t a real bother after you get used to it, but TYPING PERIODS AND COMMAS ARE A PAIN IN THE NECK, requiring you to go to a 2nd screen each time. Given that you use a period or comma in almost every sentence you type, this is NOT CONVENIENT.
  • Even though it has a 2 Megapixel camera, you CANNOT SEND PICS TO OTHER CELL PHONES VIA MMS PICTURE MESSAGING.
  • You CANNOT FREELY USE THE iPHONE ON OTHER CONTINENTS WITH SIM CARDS – you are restricted to AT&T international roaming networks only.
  • You CANNOT DOWNLOAD OR ACCESS ITUNES DIRECTLY from the iPhone, you always have to do it through you PC or Mac’s iTunes program and then sync files.
  • You CANNOT USE IT AS A MODEM like you can with the Samsung Blackjack and my Sony Vaio laptop.
  • The iPhone CANNOT GET REAL-TIME GPS MAPPING like you can on the Blackberry 8800 because it is NOT GPS enabled
  • You CANNOT GO ON VACATION OR ROAD TRIP WITHOUT YOUR CHARGER because it doesn’t have a removeable battery, so you cannot use multiple batteries as back-up or spare
  • You CANNOT LOAD MORE THAN 4GB or 8GB worth of video, music, audio, documents, contacts, email, etc because there is NO REMOVEABLE STORAGE CARD supported
  • The iPhone CANNOT SURF THE WEB AS FAST AS MOST COMPETITOR PHONES like the 3G Blackjack or Blackberry because it does not support 3G (i.e. The NYTimes Site took almost 1 full minute to download).
  • You CANNOT CONNECT TO ALL iPOD DOCKS AND CONNECTORS currently out there – most will work, and a upgrade may be in the works, but for now, you may have to buy yet another accessory to connect the iPhone to speakers, car radio, etc.
  • About connections, not all earplugs/headsets will fit into the jack since it’s reported to be a extra deep connection. Some accessory manufacturers are going to sell $40 adaptors just to get their standard earphone jacks to work with the iPhone properly. Be ready to add $40 to your purchase price!
  • You CANNOT WALK OUT OF THE STORE WITH A WORKING iPHONE – you’ll have to go home and activate it through iTunes.com
  • Since the iPhone DOES NOT HAVE A REMOVEABLE BATTERY, and the expected life is 300-400 charges, you’ll HAVE TO SHIP IT TO APPLE TO REPLACE THE BATTERY EVERY YEAR OR TWO just like iPods. Who wants to be separated from their smart phone for a week every year or two AND have to pay for it!
  • Intelligent keyboard and all, but you CANNOT COPY/PASTE ANYTHING! That’s called a sin of omission.
  • Oh yeah, you HAVE TO LITERALLY PAY AT LEAST $2196+ FOR THE iPHONE for your 2 year contract.  That’s a lot for a cell phone, no?

Am I missing anything? Let me know by posting a comment below!

2010 UPDATE:  Yes, yes, I know the Apple iPhone 3Gs has come out and much of this list is now moot.  Help me verify which ones to cross out above.  Also, let me know if you have any other downsides serious smartphone powerusers should be considering before making the switch.

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