If you’re waiting in line outside an Apple store or AT&T Wireless store for the 6pm release of the Apple iPhone, then perhaps you should think twice.


One of the largest of all the drawbacks of the Apple iPhone is the fact that it will not run on the faster 3G networks (like my Samsung Blackjack does).  When Walt Mossberg of the WSJ interviewed Steve Jobs for his review article this week, Jobs just stuck to his guns with “Walter, You know that we don’t talk about future products”.




Now, a relatively trustworthy source at eWeek, Guy Kewney, has leaked that a 3G version of the iPhone may be announced on Monday in a super-multi-party announcements to shake Europe.


So are you going to stick it out and wait for an already out-dated iPhone for $600?  Or wait till Monday to see when you can get your paws on a 3G iPhone?

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