Sounds Like 24 Cures for Apple iPhone Envy

Sounds Like 24 Cures for Apple iPhone Envy

Have you seen one yet? It’s so elusive, yet there are about a MILLION of them out there. And they’ll multiply quickly — up to 10 Million by the end of 2008! The Apple iPhone will surely be Time Magazine’s “Device of the Year” for 2007, which is responsible for more cell phone sales in a single day in the history of AT&T Wireless. Reports state that more than 3/4 million iPhones were sold on June 29th.

While you may know someone who knows someone that has one and you probably aren’t reading this on your new iPhone (unless you’re really are — in which, you should email a photo of yourself reading on your iPhone to info[at) and we’ll post it here!).

If you’re like one of millions that have been struck with iPhone envy, but still have another brand cell phone or smartphone in your hand, here’s one iPhone fix to simulate the iPhone experience on your phone.  In fact, with this simple short-term cure for iPhone envy people will ask if you have an iPhone in your pocket when you get your next call!

Here’s two dozen ringtones from the Apple iPhone which may just be music to your iPhone-less ears.

Now you can make your own smartphone ring just as if you shelled out $600 by using them as custome mp3 ringtones.  It’s easy to use any mp3 file as a custom ringtone on a Windows Mobile cell phone like my Samsung Blackjack.



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Sounds Like 24 Cures for Apple iPhone Envy