The iPhone’s handsome display is perfect for watching video and other content like eBooks.


It was only a matter of time before Apple iPhone owners got the ability to tap into P2P downloading networks that basically allow you to find and download unlimited files like mp3 music, audiobooks, movies and TV shows, etc.


The wait is over it seems and iPhone owners can basically find media files just as if they were on their PC’s looking for videos of their favorite tv shows and movies.  The software download available also includes PC-to-iPhone video conversion features so that you can watch any video you have on the iPhone.




A couple of different options are out now that all basically provide the download manager software and access to the P2P networks:

  • iPhone Nova : 1-time $49 software download, no monthly fees for access
  • iPhone Cyclone : 1-time $49 software download, no monthly fees for access
  • iPhone Download Pro : $49 flat-fee unlimited access – or $1.75/month option


None of these companies are affiliated with Apple and this isn’t connected with iTunes at all.  They all claim to provide the software, tutorials and technical support to get you to the point of being able to file share with others across the network.

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