Samsung Blackjack Tip: How To Perform A Hard Master Reset on the Samsung Blackjack i607 [video]

Although I clearly still love the Samsung Blackjack even after the release of the iPhone, I came across a little glitch last week (which is a MICROSOFT PROBLEM, not Samsung Blackjack issue) with Windows Mobile. It would not let me re-boot past the Windows Mobile start-up screen. This problem started after I upgraded to ActiveSync 4.5.

AT&T Wireless / Blackjack tech support told me to go back to ActiveSync 4.2 becuase 4.5 wasn’t as stable in their experience. So uninstalling I went.

In the meantime, I had to get my phone back to normal so I could re-sync with the old ActiveSync.

After trying the normal troubleshooting, I just said, it was easier to do a hard master reset and wipe the phone clean. However, AT&T tier 1 support didn’t know how, since you had to be at the Windows Mobile desktop to do a “hard reset” supposedly.

Luckily, I asked to go to Tier 2 support, and as I guessed, there was another way.

Here’s how to do a Hard Master Reset on the Samsung Blackjack:


  1. TURN OFF the Samsung Blackjack cell phone completely & take out the battery for a couple minutes.
  3. TURN ON the phone (power button located on TOP of the phone)
  4. FOLLOW the on-screen instructions (see video). 
  5. WAIT for the phone to erase all data from the device and you’ll have an out-of-the-box Samsung Blackjack

BTW, Once you get your phone back in action, you might want to check out some of the other tips for the Samsung Blackjack and Samsung Jack cell phone on

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53 thoughts on “Samsung Blackjack Tip: How To Perform A Hard Master Reset on the Samsung Blackjack i607 [video]

  1. Thanks for the awesome post. I had a similar problem and after reading this post I followed your instructions and it actually worked! Thanks so much, you saved me a trip to my service provider.

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