Apple iPhone Discount: Final Price = $274 includes Free Shipping

Ah, so you’re one of those (in the majority?) 10 million expected to buy the iPhone by 2008 according to Apple/AT&T Wireless sales forecasts — but are still trolling in hopes of finding some way to get a discount off the iPhone.


RELAX, there’s finally a way to get $125 off (or more) the price of the Apple iPhone. . . and it includes free shipping!




Apple actually has a clearance / outlet store online where they sell a bunch of discountinued, overstock and refurbished products to the public at a discount.  And the Apple iPhone cell phone is finally being sold for a steep discount, which is actually better than the 10% employee discount for the iPhone.



Apple StoreWhile it’s a refurbished product, you can get the 4GB iPhone for $299 (normally $399), and throws in free shipping with your purchase.  The discounted 8GB iPhone is also available recertified at a steep discount.  Remember that it’s reconditioned to factory new specs and comes with a limited warranty — and no one will know the difference between yours and a shiny new one the next guy picked up at the local Apple store.  If you’re concerned about the iPhone being refurbished, you can purchase a protection plan for $69 with 2 year coverage.





To knock off the last $25 off the price you’ll end up paying, just take advantage of the AT&T new account referral program and get a $25 Visa Gift Card rebate mailed to you (and your friends will make $25 each too).  In fact, if you continue with that program you can go on to claim $125 additional rebates.  If you factor in the additional $125 in referral rebates, the cost drops to $249 for the 4GB iPhone!




Thus, realistically, the $399 – $100 – $25 = $274 price tag (includes free shipping) for a 4GB Apple iPhone!

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