I recently wrote about how I use various price comparison sites on the net to find the best deals once I know I want to buy a given product.


One thing that seems apparent, but not always so clear is that these shopping comparison services work the best for things like magazines, books, and video games — because they are all products where you don’t need to touch and feel the item before you buy it.  You know exactly what you’re getting and it all comes down to a matter of price and delivery.  That’s where the power of the internet comes into play.


For example, Shopping.com offers listings of up to 20 different retailers for any given Playstation 3 video game.  Whether it be Metal Gear Solid 4, NBA 2K8 or Heavenly Sword or even the widly popular Guitar Hero III game, you can quickly find the best deals for each game you want to buy.


Becuase thousands and thousands of customers actually use sites like shopping.com, you’re also more apt to find constructive reviews of the games before you buy, making that average purchase price or $60-80 for a new video game a lower risk to you.

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