This Membership Really Has It’s Priviledges (Over 1 Billion of Them)

There’s one card in your wallet that’s free, yet gives you access to an unlimited wealth of knowledge and resources.

It’s your library card!

Global has become local. The future has become now. Your library card + technology is opening up new resources for everyone so fast that it’s almost hard to overcome the old perceptions of what libraries can do for you to match the real power of that almost-outdated-and-mundane-library card.

Today, you can log onto your library’s site electronically and manage your account, books, requests, etc even helping to avoid those pesky overdue fines and late fees.

Another benefit of technology has been the sharing of resources and information amongst libraries. More libraries’ inventory of book and other materials are available to you today, if you only know where they are.

A cool site to visit is — it allows you to search the card catalog of over 10,000 libraries based on your geography — meaning, you can now find more books in more places within reach. In fact, over 1 Billion items are cataloged on WorldCat, waiting for you to consume them!

WorldCat includes not only books, but also music CD’s & tapes, videos – dvd’s & vhs as well as articles from periodicals and journals. Some resources are electronic for immediate download!

It’s ironic that as time passes, more and more books are printed and become within our reach and yet less and less people read these books!

  • Nearly 60% of people never read another book after they leave high school!
  • 80% of families have not bought or read a book in the last year.
  • 70% of adults haven’t been to a bookstore in the last 5 years
  • (stats from para publishing)

In the meantime, that just means more books for you!

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