Stop hovering at your local newsstand shelves for hours reading all those techie mac mags that you’re too cheap to buy and bring home.

Yes, yes, we know it feels like a rip off to buy single issues of any magazine for $5 or more for a single issue. Yes, you know you can get an entire year’s worth of magazines just for the price of 2 or 3 issues from And yes, Barnes & Nobles, Borders and other booksellers are encouraging you to just stand there and read all day — even with comfy couches right in front of the newsstands.

But you have more important things to do besides use your spare time to DRIVE to the store just so that you can read for free.

Plain and simple, any Apple fan needs to read this post today.

If you don’t have a subscription to MacWorld magazine, today is your day. Free subscriptions to MacWorld are available to one and all. Grab them quickly like the cheapskate you know you are!

LINK: Free MacWorld Subscription Offer

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