Don’t you just hate it when you just filled up your take with gas only to drive 2 more blocks and pass a gas station with prices that are much cheaper than what you just paid?

Even though it may be just $0.05/gallon, that little difference makes you cringe if only for a second. Here’s how you can eliminate that un-ncessary moment in your driving day.

I saved a bookmark on my cell phone’s mobile browser for with my home zipcode.

That way, I can quickly go to that page and see an immediate listing of all the local stations and their current pricing. It’s quite amazing. Last week, I just saved $2.30 on a full tank of gas by driving literally one block around the corner to the next gas station. Hey, that paid for the 2 sodas we bought at the station.

For example, a quick search brought up a 24 cent difference between 2 local gas stations. That’s a BIG spread for the same product…gas!

Put it another way, if I save $2/week when filling up, that’s over $100/year. If you have extra $100′s to just give away, contact me immediately so that I can take them off your hands. ;-) As Ben Franklin said, a penny saved is a penny earned! $2 saved is $2 earned in this case!

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