It’s all about YOU: How To Download YOUtube Videos

In our culture today, It’s all about YOU. . .

YOUtube that is.

2007 was the year of online video and YouTube was at the forefront of it all. Google made a smart move to gobble up YouTube when it could.

Now there’s so much video content being produced and uploaded and the masses are taking to having their own YouTube procrastination breaks all throughout the day.

As if it’s so critical to have access to YouTube, even iPhone launch marketing collateral made a point of the fact that you can access YouTube videos on the iPhone. Yahee or Yahoo! J

Anyway, when you find that gem on YouTube, sometimes you wish you could just *keep it* or rather download it to save, forward or just watch over and over again offline to waste even more of your life. How do you do that?


Well, there’s a great site called KissYouTube that lets you do this. You simply visit and enter the URL of the YouTube video clip you’d like to save, and it will automatically allow you to download the video clip in a format that you can save and watch on your own computer without a flash-based browser.

OPTION #2: The Internet never offers just one choice. Here’s another option to download online videos into various formats for your PC, iPod, mobile phone, DivX, etc. offers you several options with a drop down menu to select which format you’d like when you grab that video.

Or if you find that hilarious or inspiring music video, but want to download the audio track for your listening enjoyment in the car or on your mp3 player, there’s an option to download the audio into mp3 format only as well.

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