Time to stop holding your breath.


It’s finally here! Samsung Blackjack users now can officially upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 on their Samsung i607 handsets!


If you have no clue why you should be upgrading if at all, check out this handy comparison chart of Windows Mobile 5 vs. Windows Mobile 6.


Here’s the “official” highlights of WM6:


On February 12, 2007, Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 6, a major upgrade of Microsoft’s mobile operating system that provides significant improvements for both consumers and business customers. The following improvements are available with Windows Mobile 6:

Improved messaging and collaboration, including ability to read HTML email, calendar ribbon, keyboard shortcuts, integrated Windows Live experience and more.

For example:

Shortcut keys to mimic desktop experience Mobile Office for Word, Excel, PowerPoint OMA DM support

The following improvements all require Exchange 2007:

> Exchange search for email
> HTML support in email
> Fetch mail i.e. download an email without doing a full send/receive Improved GAL search

WM6 has a few improvements and better integration with dialer, scheduling, etc.
> View status of all attendees for a meeting

> Meeting Request Improvements

> Out of Office Assistant Reply and

> Forward Meeting Appointments

Increased integration with current infrastructure: For example, seamless connectivity to SharePoint server for access to intranet documents.  Windows Mobile 6 will take advantage of new features in Exchange Server 2007.

Improved security and device management: Windows Mobile 6 allows information on a storage card to be encrypted and is to be wiped remotely, provides enhanced policies, Information Rights Management and more.

More powerful development platform: The new, more powerful .NET Compact Framework 2.0 is now included in all Windows Mobile 6 devices as well as the new SQL Server Compact Edition which provides a full SQL database engine including file-level encryption and merge replication.
Windows Mobile 6 includes new naming conventions:

Windows Mobile 6 Standard (formerly Smartphone) is a non-touch platform designed for handheld use  

Windows Mobile 6 Professional (formerly Pocket PC Phone Edition) is designed for touch screen for flexible input

Windows Mobile 6 Classic (formerly Pocket PC) designed for devices with no cellular radio 



Basically, you get HTML email support, better Office apps to open and edit documents in Powerpoint, Excel, Word and Outlook. There’s internet sharing which should be available, but I haven’t tested to see if that’s been throttled by AT&T. (As you may be aware, AT&T recently killed the ability to use the Blackjack as a modem with the MediaMax data plans – you have to pay the full $50/month for the unlimited PDA data plan for that). There’s a bunch of other neat features, that are yet to be discovered…


Here’s the requirements before you attempt to begin any of this stuff . . .



  • Desktop/Laptop Computer Running Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • ActiveSync v4.2 (Or Higher) Installed and Functioning Properly
  • All Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs Should Be Disabled
  • Direct connection of the USB cable to the computer’s USB port is strongly advised. The use of a USB hub or docking station is NOT recommended.


  • Fully Charged Battery (Standard or Extended)
  • The SIM Card Should Be Removed From the phone


  • USB Data Cable (Included In Original Retail Box – P/N: PCB200BBE)
  • BlackJack Companion CD


    Here’s a quick FAQ rundown:

  • Is The Upgrade For My SGH-i607 (BlackJack) From Windows Mobile 5 To Windows Mobile 6 Free Of Charge?
    • YES – At this time, the update is FREE for BlackJack end users.
  • How Long Will The Upgrade Be Available For My SGH-i607?
    • Currently, there is no plan to remove the upgrade after this initial release.
  • If I Purchase A New SGH-i607, Will It Come With Windows Mobile 6?
    • There are currently no plans to roll out Windows Mobile 6 from the factory. It can be found online on Samsung’s website.
  • Does This Upgrade Contain Fixes Mentioned With The GB4 For My SGH-i607 That Was Released Last Year?
    • The HA1 S/W does incorporate fixes made in the prior release.










OK, I’ve upgraded 2 different Blackjack’s at this point, and now familiar with the WM6 upgrade process.  Here’s some details to help you get through it — it’s quite easy actually.  The instructions and screenshots on the upgrade page (link above) are quite useful.  The instructions might look intimidating, but it’s basically broken down into: 1) back-up your phone, 2) set-up the phone and pc to upgrade by checking for modem driver and putting the phone into download mode, 3) run the upgrade program.


Here’s a little more details of the process broken down into 10 steps for you:


1) BACK UP THE DATA ON YOUR PHONE. You have to back-up your data on your phone if you care through ActiveSync and your USB cable.  Even if you don’t need the data, you should sync once to make sure your connection is working and the software can talk to your phone.



2) MAKE SURE YOUR BLACKJACK MODEM DRIVER IS INSTALLED. You need to make sure the Blackjack modem driver is installed (which it should if you’ve installed ActiveSync through the installation CD that came with your phone.  On your Blackjack, go to START > SETTINGS > CONNECTIONS > USB > Select MODEM.    Then you connect your phone to the PC with the USB cable.  The upgrade page gives you details on how to go into you device manager to check to see if it sees the modem and if there: Basically, on your PC go to: START > RUN > devmgmt.msc (Click OK) > in the Device Manager window, click on the + sign next to MODEMS and you should see the Blackjack Mobile Modem Driver.  If not, the upgrade page has a download link to the Modem Driver installation software.  Next, you go down to PORTS and click the + sign and you should also see the SAMSUNG MOBILE MODEM DIAGNOSTIC SERIAL PORT.  If so, close the window and you’re all set to upgrade.



3) GET YOUR PHONE READY TO UPGRADE.  DISCONNECT your phone and TURN IT OFF.  Take out you SIM CARD (under the battery)

3) BLOCK ACTIVESYNC FROM INTERFERING.  Open ActiveSync, go to FILE > Connection Settings > and UNCLICK “Allow USB Connections”



4) START THE UPGRADE PROGRAM.  Now double click on the WM6 Upgrade file you downloaded and you’ll have to input 2 passwords – 2649 & 4954



5) SET YOUR BLACKJACK TO RECEIVE THE UPGRADE.  Now, you have to switch your phone into DOWNLOADER MODE:  Press BOTH the RIGHT SOFT KEY (the right “…” button) and the bottom button on the side of the phone under the jog dial.  WHILE HOLDING BOTH DOWN, turn on the phone at the top edge of the phone.  You can let go of the 2 buttons when you see the DOWNLOADER SCREEN show up.



6) CONNECT & UPGRADE.  At this point, connect the USB cable again and then click OK on the dialog box on the PC to start the process.



7) WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. You’ll wait a couple of minutes while it goes through 3 phases. 


When it’s all done, your phone will auto shut-down and re-boot with WM6 installed. 



You’ll see the AT&T logo and the new WM6 Window start-up screen and then finally the new “desktop”




8) DOUBLE CHECK.  AT&T recommends that you check to make sure the version of the software is correct – instructions are again available on the upgrade page.  Just click *#1234# from the home screen



9) COMPLETELY WIPE OUT THE PHONE.  It also recommends that you do a complete sytem reset to ensure all legacy memory is cleaned out.



10) SMILE.  You’ll all set!  You can sync your phone again to restore all your contacts, email, calendar, etc.  And of course you’ll then go to download GoogleMaps, LiveSearch, Yahoo!Go 2.0, AlphaDialer, set-up your email accounts in MobileOutlook and . . . .

Here’s a video explaining the upgrade process as well. . .

data=”http://www.youtube.com/v/S4GFWsOb-uE?fs=1″>You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video 


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