If you’ve had your Samsung Blackjack for a couple of months, no doubt that you’ve been eyeing the new Samsung Blackjack II that just came out. My Blackjack wasn’t damaged or broken, but I was frustrated with the AT&T network for dropping calls here and there.

Of course, I just blamed the cellular network and reception, but my wife’s AT&T Blackberry never drops calls and she would be on the phone in the car at the same time as when I would have questionable reception during a call.

I recently found out that there was a “recall” of sorts from Samsung for Blackjack i607 handsets manufactured between NOVEMBER 2006 and FEBRUARY 2007. As long as your current handset is under the 18 month warranty, AT&T will initiate a “warranty exchange” to give you a shiny new Blackjack handset. You won’t even have to suffer without your phone at all for a day. They mail you a new phone, you swap it out with your old phone and mail your old phone back — all free.

Here’s exactly how to get a brand new phone and what to expect in the package that arrives.

I just received my shiny new Blackjack — which by the way is of the new “AT&T” branded flavor vs. my older “Cingular” branded phone. Even the start-up screen has been updated:


  • Call 1-800-331-0500
  • Have your Blackjack with the battery removed available
  • Ensure that the numbers by the “MADE IN KOREA” on the sticker are between Nov 2006 and Feb 2007. There are numbers in the format of YY.MM on the right bottom of the sticker. For example, my phone had “06.12″ which qualified for this advisory since it meant the phone was manufactured in December 2006

My new phone that arrived shows that it was made after the recall dates. It was manufactured in July 2007.

Here’s the package that actually arrived:

They give you a brand new phone — you have to take out your battery, SIM card and MicroSD card from the old phone and use it with your new phone. You simply place your old phone in the packaging, put the bottom portion of the packing slip into the box (the RMA # and your customer info is on it) and then seal it up with the packaging tape they provide in the box. They also give you a brand new USPS Shipping Label to put over the old label so you can bring it to the post office or hand it to any USPS carrier directly.

The packing slip has the return tracking number pre-printed on the page so that you can keep it for reference and confirm that it got back to AT&T. The deadline for returning the old handset is 10 DAYS – otherwise they’ll charge a processing fee.

Bottom line is that I now have an updated shiny new Samsung Blackjack in my pocket.

ADDED BONUS: The new Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade is now available free for download! So I’m off to upgrade the software on the phone to enjoy HTML emails, a new MS Office (Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Outlook) and some other neat features. Check out the details of the WM6 upgrade here

New Phone. New OS. New smile!

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