Timeshifting Emails: How to Schedule Emails To Be Sent In The Future

Timeshifting Emails: How to Schedule Emails To Be Sent In The Future

Recently, I’ve been discovering and using productivity tools like reminder services to help organize and keep me efficient.  There’s a bunch of websites that allow you to ping yourself in the future via text message, IM, Google Calendar, Twitter, etc.  I personally like www.OhDontForget.com but some of the other one’s I keep coming across are:



If you get into the habit of using a reminder service, it can be a real big help.  But there are plenty of times where you wished other people are as (re-)mindful as you about things they shouldn’t forget…Or there are different circumstances where you just want to be able to email someone in the future, but know that you won’t be by the computer.


Perhaps some of you may think about using it to email co-workers during that “2nd hour of lunch” so that people think you’re back at your desk already…or even afterhours to make sure everyone knows just how hard you work…while you’re on your way home already! :-)


Of course there are tons of other possibilities that open up once you can schedule your emails to be delivered in the future… 

This week, I came across www.TimeMachineR.com  which is just my type of site!



It’s simple, straightforward and very easy to use.  In fact, the site is just a single form with future date to select, the email address you want to send it to, and then a place for you to fill out the subject/body for the email.  Once you click “SEND”(in the future”) it’s all taken care of!



Can you think of any other good uses for this type of time-shift email service?

Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below. 

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Timeshifting Emails: How to Schedule Emails To Be Sent In The Future