The Holy Grail In Cell Phones Confirmed

Ok, so you’re one of the 10 million people that are on track to own an Apple iPhone by the end of this year.



But are you one of the super cool iPhone users that will be able to sport streaming video, audio and other cool data tricks becuase your iPhone will support 3G on the AT&T Wireless network?



It’s official, as Steve Jobs announced earlier last year that there will be a 3G iPhone coming this year in 2008. The question that remained was…WHEN?



Now, there’s confirmation to the speculation that we’ll see the 3G iPhone born at. . .



the annual Apple conference in June. Gizmodo clearly became the early herald of the coming holy grail in cell phones.


I made this widget at



The new beauty is going to be thinner, have a bigger brain and much faster too. To be specific, the 3G iPhone will be 2.5 mm thinner than the 1st gen iPhone (it is 11.7 mm). The new iPhone will also be GPS enabled for nav and other location-based services. No more approximating location on GoogleMaps by triangulating cell phone towers. You should be able to get turn-by-turn directions now, find the closest gas stations, pizza shops, etc.



What’s more, it will mean $200 price cuts for some models of the iPhone as AT&T Wireless tries to be as aggressive as possible in taking over the world. This $200 iPhone discount won’t be available at Apple stores, but only through AT&T Wireless stores.



Similar but different than the other iPhone discount that Steve Jobs announced this past year to get more sales.




The big question for me is if I can use it as a wireless modem for my laptop as I can now with my current smartphone.   The current iPhone doesn’t allow this — which is one of the 24 downsides of the iPhone currently.  One of the best uses of my unlimited data plan and my Samsung phone is that I can connect to the internet at near DSL speeds with the 3G connection via my cell phone.  So I’m not tied to wifi or any other internet access ports.  I can work literally almost anywhere – even while driving on the NJ Turnpike!   If there are $100 or $200 subsidies, this may help the decision to convert as well…waiting for June 9!



Are you getting one? Are you waiting for the 3G iPhone version?

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One thought on “The Holy Grail In Cell Phones Confirmed

  1. 3G has been available on WM phones for quite some time. WindowsMobile phones such as the Tilt and even back to the 8125 (HTC Wizard)have touchscreen convenience with tons more software available.iPhone is not near the phone many others are. Cute and super hyped, like all other Apple products.

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