Imagine If You Could Read 500 Books Every Year

I just recently read (in The Read Aloud Handbook) the fact that 60% of our adult population in the US doesn’t pick up a single book all year, every year.  Less than 40% of adults read a single book in a given year.

Can you believe that 10% of the population reads 80% of the books read…Talk about Pareto Principle in action!

Knowledge is power.  And if you can get ahead of 60% of your peers and competitors by gaining the knowledge from some of the best books published each year, then wouldn’t you?

Ah….you don’t have time!  Well how about skipping a lot of the fluff in these great books and getting to the core message?  Wouldn’t you love to do that?  Think Cliff’s Notes for adults.

I found a great site called GetAbstract that does all that for you.  They take writers/journalists/reviewers and scan the thousands of books published each year.  And in the end, they identify 500 of the top business books that are new to the market.

GetAbstract then published an executive book summary for these books in PDF, mobile e-book and even audio format so that you can read the summary anywhere and anyhow you want.

It’s a great site with over 4,500 book summaries already assembled and just waiting for you to download and read (or listen).

If you sign-up for an account, you can get a new summary sent to you each week based on your preferences profile.  Of course, you’re welcome to go and find new summaries to devour anytime you want.


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