Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Most business owners wear many hats. . .

You’re the accountant, janitor, marketing guy, sales guy, employee counselor, boss, friend, mentor, etc, etc.

Do you feel like somedays you didn’t do any “work” — but a lot of unnecessary time-sink activities that prevented you from doing what’s really important?  Somehow as each day passes, you may feel like more items just get added to that LONG To-Do List.

Do you sometimes just want to drop it all and let out a big scream?

How are you supposed to get to everything on your list and keep your sanity? How do you keep it from growing without ignoring your most important tasks?

It’s time that you look for incremental gains and realize that there are free resources out there that actually will help you achieve your goals, not deter them.  For example, how about that website you are supposed to design or get produced?   What if you could find a way to build a website quickly that was A) professional, B) quick to create, and C) presented your company in a clear, easy to read & understand way?

Now you have some help. . .

A shoot-off of the open-source movement, there are a growing number of sites that collect and offer free website templates for you to download and customize easily.  This is a great way for you to test the waters on the web and “just do it”. This is the perfect way for you to get onto the net with minimal efforts so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. is one resource you should consider. They have a gallery of a couple hundred different templates:

You’ll find over 120 completely free website templates on from which you surely can find one to work with for your first website project.  While they may not be the exact design you were envisioning, you’re bound to find at least one website template that will appeal to you and your customers. offers over 300 free other templates, and access to thousands more for 60 bucks or so.

By taking this approach you remove the $$ risk of hiring designers to create a new website from scratch. And it will get you on the web faster so that you can be found by the masses that are increasingly depending on the web first before the yellow pages, 411 directory assistance or any other medium of advertising.

If you google “free website templates” you’ll find more sites with website template options for website makeovers.

And if competely basic html coding is not in your genes, you can use to get bids for customizing a template with your own copy and images.  I’ve seen bids on and for customizing website templates for as low as $60-100. That makes it an almost no-brainer to start browsing for a design template that meets your fancy.

What else is keeping you from launching your own website? Or what other website template sites have you used successfully to find a new design for your site? Let me know in the comments below.

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