52 Free DVD Video Rentals Of Your Choice in 2009

You have already seen them — since there are about 12,000 of them out there.

If not, once you start to look for them you’ll spot them all over the place.  And every one of them is waiting to hand out a DVD movie of your choice to you for a free night’s rental.

You can go back over and over again for another free DVD movie week after week, all year long.

free-movie-rentals-are-easy-and-localIt’s the latest way that I get movies every week — in fact, there aren’t that many good movies worth watching, so this tip will get you more than enough video content than you would ever really watch in a given year.

What on earth am I talking about? 

I’m talking about the RedBox video rental kiosks that have quietly been popping up all over the place.  You’ll most likely find them at your local grocery store, drug store or other place that you frequent anyway (even at McDonald’s across the nation are installing the RedBox machines).

Free Video Rentals Every WeekNow you get get free rentals of any movie of your choice as well as others for only $1/night.

Every monday, RedBox sends out coupon codes for a free rental.  And there’s even a site dedicated to aggregating and sharing those codes with you — you can even get the latest via text message if you’re in front of a RedBox machine and want to get a movie last minute.   www.InsideRedbox.com has an email list worth subscribing to if you’re a movie watcher.

What I really like about RedBox is that you can go to www.RedBox.com and view inventory for a specific RedBox machine location AND reserve it so that it’s ready for you to pick-up.  No one can take it between your online search and the trip to the box.  For example, we wanted to watch Wall-E with the kids this holiday week.  No problem!  I just headed to www.redbox.com, verified that Wall-E was in stock and reserved it online and headed out to pick it up.  And the best part is that the vending machines are on 24 hours a days, so I can rent or return them anytime.
This is why Blockbuster is in trouble, and NetFlix is trying to flee fast into digital downloads.

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