How To Bulk Submit To Social Bookmarking Sites

Social media is all the rage these days.

Anyone with a website knows they should be submitting their website pages to the various social bookmarking sites to gain better visibility on the web.

But we’re also talking about a time consuming task to do the repetitive submissions to the top social bookmarking sites like:, Propeller, Delicious,, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Mixx, Twitter,, etc.

There are completely automated tools that submit in bulk, but sometimes they can be seen as spam. The next best thing to manual hand submissions one at a time is to use a semi-automated tool. . . allows you to set-up the basics first and then go through various filtered lists of social bookmarking sites and quick-click-thru to the posting page with the main data pre-populated for you.

Here’s a video walk-through tutorial of the process of using

It won’t completely eliminate the time-consuming task of manually submitting to dozens of social bookmark sites, but it certainly will shave off a decent portion of time spent on the task. Moreover, it will help you to consistently submit to the top sites using’s list of sites.

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How To Bulk Submit To Social Bookmarking Sites