The 1 Black Friday Deal Everyone Should Buy (It’s $0.00)

The 1 Black Friday Deal Everyone Should Buy (It’s $0.00)

Black Friday has become a national sporting event.

That’s right, not shopping event – a sporting event.

Opportunistic deal hunting gone mass market, right? I’m sure either you just got back from shopping the crazy door buster deals out there at BestBuy, Fry’s, Staples, etc. or you know someone close to you that is right now.

Even if you’ve resisted the marketing machine, here’s one deal everyone should jump on. Why?

1) You can buy it right now in front of your computer without driving anywhere or getting in long lines.
2) It’s free after rebate – Everyone like free.
3) It’s for a Samsung brand bluetooth headset – Everyone can use a bluetooth headset.


The fine print says you can get 3 of these for free. Shipping is free too.

Just print out the rebate form with the receipt page when you get to it at checkout, fill it out and the envelope TODAY.

Now, when the box comes, all you have to do is clip the UPC and mail it away. Done. We like that.

What else are you getting on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Amazon has some great Black Friday deals with free shipping today too.

Leave a comment below and let us know what new goodies you picked-up!

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The 1 Black Friday Deal Everyone Should Buy (It’s $0.00)