Calling All Apple iPhone 4 Owners: This Post Is Worth $29.99

Everyone wants an iPhone 4.

But everyone also likes to talk about the death grip antenna issue that comes with the iPhone 4.

I personally have not had much issue with dropped calls or reduced signal strength yet with my iPhone 4.  Perhaps the way I hold the phone is just right.  But Steve Jobs has countered all the criticism that has come upon Apple for the death grip antenna issue with the Apple iPhone 4.

Last week, Steve Jobs gave a press conference that addressed the issue head on and offered two solutions to every iPhone 4 owner out there.  (A) Either you can get a full refund or (B) you can get a free bumper case for the iPhone 4 that supposedly addresses the signal problems.   And here’s a bonus (C) if you’ve already bought one, Apple will give you a free refund — if you bought it from an Apple store, you can go in to get your refund.  If you bought the case from AT&T, there’s a rebate form on for you.

Since Apple can’t make enough cases themselves, they have sourced 3rd party cases to give away (totally free too) to anyone that wants one.

Here’s the video clip from the press conference where Steve Jobs details the offer:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

So there’s also the logistics of fulfilling the orders for millions of iPhone 4’s that have been sold to date.  How can this be done smoothly?  We have been waiting on Apple to share the process.  Finally, it’s here. . .

FINALLY, Apple has announced how the free case program will work.  Simply download the iPhone Case APP from the App Store!

Once you download the iPhone Case Program app from the iTunes App Store, simply run it.  It will capture the IMEI number from your phone to verify you indeed have an iPhone 4 and let you choose which case you want!  Here are the screen shots of the choices available:

Each case has close-up details include a limited photo gallery of the phone case close-up.  Some have up to 5 photos in the profile:

(You can click on any thumbnail above to see the screen shot in detail)

I’m thinking of getting the Belkin Clear or the Speck Tartan (fabric wrapped detail!). . . can’t decide.


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