Free Tech Support For Your Christmas Tech Gifts

Free Tech Support For Your Christmas Tech Gifts

If you’re like most homes, you’ve probably unwrapped one or two Christmas gifts today that require a battery or outlet to plug it in.

Today’s gadgets are increasingly complex and require more than a QuickStart guide. Sometimes it can be frustrating since you want to get the tech toy up and running asap, right?

Well, BestBuy has opened up the lines to give everyone access to their GeekSquad tech support this week. If you have a computer, HDTV, iPod, smart phone, GPS, DVD player, Wii, etc and you are have some questions on how to set it up, get on the phone or fire up the web browser for a web-based chat with GeekSquad support.

It’s completely free this week until the New Year.

Hey, even if it’s not about a new toy, use GeekSquad this week to troubleshoot that annoying problem you’ve been having with your printer or webcam or media player or Tivo or . . . .

The cool part is that their tech support is available 24/7.

Just call 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD or click over to their TechSupport live chat page

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Free Tech Support For Your Christmas Tech Gifts