Poor Man’s iTunes: How To Download / Extract mp3 Audio From YouTube Videos

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iTunes = Lots Of Choices

There are over 13 million music songs priced at 69, 99, or $1.29 each on the Apple iTunes store as of 2010. That’s a lot of downloadable music content.

YouTube = Even More

But there’s another source of audio content that some people don’t think about — YouTube. I still use iTunes (or the Amazon mp3 store) for regular music downloads. But I also like to listen to other types of audio content to make good use of my time on my commute, waiting in lines, and other periods of downtime.

YouTube actually has tons of video content that is great even for the audio portion alone — I’m talking about lectures, tutorials, podcasts, interviews, sermons, and speeches. But by having them trapped within a video doesn’t make it as useful when you want to listen to it on the run (and sometimes literally!).

Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

The question is how to get the audio out of a video file on YouTube?

A couple of sites lets you download just the audio within a YouTube video. All you have to do is supply the video url and let them know if you want a regular or high quality version of the audio to be extracted.

Free Download Helpers

Two sites that work well (there are a bunch!) are:

  • www.video2mp3.net

  • www.vid2mp3.com

After the site does some quick thinking, it supplies you with a download link or even a direct URL to pass along to someone else so they can grab the audio file as well.

There’s over 150 million videos on YouTube supposedly. That’s a whole universe of potential mp3 files to download for you! Enjoy!

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