There are a couple of scenarios when you want to do a complete master reset for your Apple iPhone4.

But remember, if you proceed with this operation: This will erase all data, all preferences, all settings and put it back to factory default settings, as if you pulled it out of the box.

It is something you should do as a last resort, but quite effective if you need it!

One circumstance would be if you’re selling or giving your phone away to someone else. In any case, be certain you want to do this before you go ahead. The process will give you one last warning on the way too.


  1. All you have to do is go to the SETTINGS menu app.
  2. SCROLL DOWN to the last item — and click on “RESET”
  3. You’ll get several options: Settings, All Content & Settings, Network settings, Keyboard Dictionary, etc.  CLICK ON “ERASE ALL CONTENT & SETTINGS”
  4. On the warning screen, click “ERASE iPHONE
  5. Wait for the device to wipe all the data on the phone and come back to life!

Here’s a video walking you through the process in case this isn’t clear enough:

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