Nook Color e-reader Playing Catch AND LeapFrog With Kindle

I was in a Barnes & Noble bookstore today, sipping a wannabe Starbucks drink in their cafe — It’s a Starbucks coffee, but not really.  They don’t brew the same coffee as Starbucks stores (no Pike Peak, etc).  They don’t take Starbucks cards.  They don’t . . . enough of that already.

Well anyway, B&N is now jumping on the eReader bandwagon as they go full-force and push their own device – the Nook.  The original Nook was/is horribly S…l……….o………..w.  The user experience is dismal.  The responsiveness is so slow you might fall asleep, not by reading, but by simply waiting each time you try for any action on the device.  This of course is the Kindle-wannabe solution.  It’s a little cheaper than the Kindle.  And it’s a lot slower than the Kindle. (BTW, the web experience on the Nook is unbearable too).

Now they’ve come out with the NOOKcolor (the official way they are trying brand it — which in itself is lacking.  If they have the “Kc” sound in the middle, why don’t they combine it and make it NOOKolor” or NOOColor” or something else.  Everyone else calls it the Color Nook.  If you’re going to force something unnatural, you might as well go all the way, but that’s a completely different story) to try and leapfrog over the Kindle experience.

Or are they trying to be a big-time iPad wannabe?  If so, they’ve failed again.  Just look at the browser (based on Android) — You’ll see how this website,, is rendered completely distorted with menus and other elements overlapping each other – ugly:

And at $249, it about $100 more expensive than a Kindle.  That’s expensive for an eReader that doesn’t work as smoothly and perfectly.  It’s also too cheap to be anything close to an iPad-type epxerience.  If you’re going to want to surf, access email, etc, you might as well invest another $250 and get an iPad or one of the other tab computing devices coming out like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. So we’re confused — Just what are you trying to be Color Nookie?

You’ve Read This Far. . .

If you’re still here reading this post, you must be interested in this “ultimate [wannabe] reading experience”.  So here’s an unboxing video for you so you can know exactly what’s in the box:

Consumer Reports has a review of the Color Nook device you might find useful:

Even the readers pretty much universally put the nod towards the Kindle over the Nook devices in their online discussions.

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