Every once in awhile I get together with a bunch of friends where I get asked about the secret sauce of social media domination.

But the truth is, there’s no real secret sauce other than you really need to treat twitter less like a vending machine for attention and more like a venue for finding more people to talk to about the things you love.

I have a primer presentation that I give to clients called The 5 C’s of Social Media Engagement which tries to present a formal framework for social media activities to pursue. But if you really just get some basics down, you’ll be on your way to some Twitter Awesomeness.

So here’s a bunch of tips I recently shared when asked what they should be doing on Twitter. Take a look. . .


10 Twitter Tips for Social Media Awesomeness


Here’s this month’s 10 TIPS FOR TWITTER AWESOMENESS:

1. Set up listening posts so you can add commentary or promote topics,trends, people or news in your niche. Set up Google Alerts withkeywords you care about. [Tweet this tip]

2.Find 10 top leaders in your niche and start to follow who theyfollow so you enter into the right conversations. [Tweet this tip]

3. Search for “?” or interrogative words on twitter to identifyquestions you can answer, respond or brainstorm against. [Tweet this tip]

4. Stay focused. Pick a general niche and tweet on topic. [Tweet this tip]

5.Tweet more of what you read & rave. Not what you eat & peeve. [Tweet this tip]

6. Post consistently. Post often. Set a recurring calendar item to remind you to search, reply & post. [Tweet this tip]

7. Links & media items are key. Make sure you tweet great ones often. Browse StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg. [Tweet this tip]

8. Make sure you @reply or @ message someone each time you log on. Interaction trumps broadcasting. [Tweet this tip]

9. How many who follow you is not as important as who is following you. Go for conversation, not for followers.[Tweet this tip]

10. No matter how much or little you do it. Tweet a little less aboutyourself and more about others. [Tweet this tip]


QUESTION: What’s your top tip for tweeting for awesomeness? Contribute a tip here in the comments section below.

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