$25 Discount On The Apple iPhone


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  1. Kenny says:

    It’s official, 2 more have signed-up and received their free $25 pre-paid Visa Cards. 1 was declined by the program becuase they switched to a plan less than $39.99/month for the iPhone. You have to technically be on a $39.99/mo plan or higher when they verify your info for this promotion.

  2. Kenny says:

    Another person signed up and confirmed receipt of their $25 pre-paid Visa card promotion.

    FYI, this is NOT specific to the iPhone. This is a $25 promotion for most AT&T Wireless new phones purchased or activated within the last 30 days.

  3. Kenny says:

    A couple of people have asked exactly what steps are required (are there rebate forms? NO; Am I eligible if I already bought my phone within the month? YES – you must complete the registration within 30 days of activation; and what is the next step after sending you my information? See below:

    After you send me your name/email address to initiate the promotion:

      >>You’ll receive an email directly from AT&T Wireless letting you know how to EARN $25 CASH FROM AT&T.
      >>At the VERY BOTTOM OF THAT EMAIL, click on the link that says: “Register my new AT&T wireless number” and complete the form to complete the process.
  4. Kenny says:

    Another reader just claimed and got their $25 iPhone rebate fulfillment.

    UPDATE: the Visa Card promotion is over and now the issue a free $25 AT&T Wireless pre-paid card – which you can use to buy anything in a AT&T Wireless store like headsets, etc or even APPLY against your account – which makes this even more of a direct discount off the iPhone handset purchase!

  5. Waynn says:

    Full name: Wu Yun ****
    Email: *******@yahoo.com

    [edited for privacy]

  1. February 27, 2010

    […] as part of a new contract/activation, be sure to contact me and we can sign you up for the ref. promotion that gets you a free $25 prepaid card from AT&T […]

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$25 Discount On The Apple iPhone
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