60 Hours of WiFi for $1.65/month from Starbucks & AT&T Internet


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  1. Kenny says:

    Can’t login or can’t connect at the Starbucks wifi hotspot with the attwifi SSID? Even though you registered with the http://www.starbucks.com/wifi page? it is frustrating when you want to get free wifi at Starbucks and you cannot logon.

    Try logging in to the AT&T WiFi page with your password in ALL LOWERCASE. Ignore any capitals in your password.

    It is a glitch in the AT&T hotspot login system currently when connecting to the Internet at Starbucks.

    T-mobile never gave such trouble, but then again it was never free! ūüôā

    Let me know if this tip works for you in troubleshooting your connection by leaving a comment reply here….

  2. Kenny says:

    I’m currently at a Panera Bread store, and forgot just how simply WiFi access is here. Just boot-up, open your browser and agree to the terms which has a nice little reminder not to hog large tables when people are in the store waiting to eat. And then you’re set to go surf. The whole process takes 2 minutes – literally.

    Starbucks free internet is free for 2 hours, but it takes logging into the AT&T Wifi hotspot account. Just a small hurdle that you have to go through in order to get online….and you have to make a purchase 1x every 30 days in the store (although who’d plop down and surf without buying a cup of coffee first?).

  3. I often use starbucks for wifi work while my daughter is in a class. Since SB is ubiquitous, wherever she is, it is likely that I can find one nearby. And I’ve frequently gone past the 2 hour mark without getting kicked off. I guess they’re generous with me. ūüôā

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60 Hours of WiFi for $1.65/month from Starbucks & AT&T Internet
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