Apple iPhone 3G Final Price $174.00


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  1. Kenny says:

    IMPORTANT TIP: Once you send me your name & email address, it will be processed in the AT&T Wireless promotion rebate program.

    **HOWEVER** you MUST complete registration to qualify! You should receive an email from AT&T Wireless with instructions and a link to complete the registration process (it is free) at their website for this promotion. And you have to do it within 30 days of activation of your new phone account (I believe it can be before or after the activation — so you can do it now, and then go buy the phone).

    3 people recently did not do this immediately and they lost out on the free $25 promotional credit from AT&T Wireless.

    Don’t miss the boat! It’s free money!

  2. Kenny says:

    In the interest of transparency, this is a legit promotion which is based on the referral plan which AT&T Wireless has made available to Apple iPhone owners. Not that you care, but while you get your $25 stored value card through this promotion if you qualify, I will also get something too. It’s the classic win-win situation. Some readers were miffed about the fact that they weren’t the only ones benefitting from this promotion. Hmmm…is that greed consuming you? Just be happy that you’ll end up paying less than most other iPhone owners out there. And hey, you can actually get $100 in more discounts if you pursue the referral plan further, making your iPhone $99 final price.

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Apple iPhone 3G Final Price $174.00
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