Free Wallpapers and Themes for Windows Mobile Cell Phones (like the Samsung Blackjack)

Ahhh…you are at peace with the world and your smartphone in your palm. . .

And wouldn’t it be nice if you could look at your phone and see a reflection of the tranquil beauty inside your mind? :-)

One way to change the scenery when looking at your phone everyday is to literally change it!

You can change the wall paper (background on the mobile phone screen desktop) as well as the themes that are used for the menus, directory pages, etc. Here’s some free downloads for you to try it out: (more…)

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MUST BUY for Smart Phone Owners: 2GB MicroSD Card + USB Card Reader

Recently, I’ve become addicted to listening to audiobooks on my Blackjack cell phone using the Windows Mobile Media Player. Just upload the mp3 files and play away. And the fact that my local library is now offering tons of free downloadable audiobooks now certainly helps this new productivity hack for all those times in my daily schedule where I can be multi-tasking.
I love exploiting product features like this because it not only makes you feel great in getting your money’s worth out of the device you bought, it really is a life hack that saves time, or allows you to do more without changing your current behavior much!

Now all this great content needs to be stored somewhere. My current 1Gb MicroSD card certainly can hold a lot of data, but a larger memory card would be nice. . . (more…)

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First Looks: Samsung Blackjack II i617 Reviews

Yes, it’s finally here.  I just saw the Samsung Blackjack II (Samsung i617) on the AT&T Wireless network in person at the store.


Although I just ordered a brand new Samsung Blackjack i607 from the recent limited recall that should arrive within 5 business days for free, I’ve been eyeing the new kid on the block to see if it’s worth the upgrade.


By the way, the $0.00 price tag on the Samsung Blackjack II at makes any potential purchase decision much easier. . . (more…)

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How To Get A Free Replacement Samsung Blackjack i607 From AT&T Wireless

If you’ve had your Samsung Blackjack for a couple of months, no doubt that you’ve been eyeing the new Samsung Blackjack II that just came out. My Blackjack wasn’t damaged or broken, but I was frustrated with the AT&T network for dropping calls here and there.

Of course, I just blamed the cellular network and reception, but my wife’s AT&T Blackberry never drops calls and she would be on the phone in the car at the same time as when I would have questionable reception during a call.

I recently found out that there was a “recall” of sorts from Samsung for Blackjack i607 handsets manufactured between NOVEMBER 2006 and FEBRUARY 2007. As long as your current handset is under the 18 month warranty, AT&T will initiate a “warranty exchange” to give you a shiny new Blackjack handset. You won’t even have to suffer without your phone at all for a day. They mail you a new phone, you swap it out with your old phone and mail your old phone back — all free.

Here’s exactly how to get a brand new phone and what to expect in the package that arrives. (more…)

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Samsung Blackjack Tip: How to check your DATA USAGE on AT&T Wireless

If you’re smart, you’re already signed up for the MediaMax 200 or Unlimited data plans for your Samsung Blackjack which is just $20 more per month — they give you unlimited data, email, web usage on your Samsung Blackjack.


However, not everyone needs unlimited data, and if you’re on one of the limited data packages, you probably want know on any given day if you’re close to your limit or if you’re already over your monthly data usage quota. . . (more…)

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