Marketing Tool: Get 19 Links From Web 2.0 Sites in 15 Minutes

It used to be that “everyone in America” has their own book. Now, in the age of Web 2.0, everyone seems to have their own blog.

But once you start pouring out your heart and publish blog post after blog post, who’s actually reading them? The main obstacle is getting links back to your various blog posts so that you start to gain visitor traffic.

Social bookmarking sites is one great tactic to attract visitors to your site. But there are tons of social bookmarking sites out there and to market your site effectively, you should submit your pages to all of them.  If you start doing that manually, you can easily kill a day or two a week just on the administrative tedious repetitive tasks of submitting to all the different sites out there. (more…)

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#1 Pitfall To Avoid When Selling on eBay

I started this site to dish out advice that my friends and associates all seem to like and actually follow now and then.

From experience as an eBay Powerseller with over 5,200 positive feedback ratings, it’s amazing to learn some of the small things you can do with your marketplace item listings that will have real impact on sales.

Today, I plead for you all to read this one piece of advice so that we can help make the web & the world in general a better place for all, OK?

While it is true that selling on eBay can give you the freedom to “work at home in your underwear,” that catch-phrase is not really meant to be taken literally. . . (more…)

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List of 100+ Official Google Blogs (& some unofficial)

If you’re involved or interested in anything about online marketing, search engine optimization, etc, then Google is a part of your life.

Here’s a list of Google-releated blogs. A quick search of Google references in the blogosphere came up with over 14 million blog posts, not to mention the 1 Billion+ SERP’s that come up when you search for Google on Google. That’s over 80 pages worth of search results!

So of course the list starts with The Official Google Corporate Blogand then makes it’s way down the list by product or country or employees, including Matt Cutts, who’s blog is probably one of the most popular.


International Google Blogs:

Google Employee Blogs:

Some Former Google Employee’s Blogs:

Know of any more? Please share them via comments!

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Google Analytics Steps It Up A Notch, Web 2.0 style

If you have a website and don’t have a web analytics program running for you to analyze your traffic, you’re really missing out. Before you go out and purchase analytics software or services, you should try out Google’s free GoogleAnalytics. It has been largely a re-branded version of Urchin’s Web Analytics offering since they purchased Urchin.

This week, Google unveiled a cleaner, newer, Web 2.0-style interface and reporting that supposedly will allow webmasters to gain better insights into their traffic data.

Basically, the data that’s collected is pretty much the same. It’s the reporting and presentation of data that’s largely different — and supposedly more user-oriented. For example, in classic Web 2.0 style, you can drop and drag the report modules to customize the Dashboard.

Another cool feature is that you can have custom ad-hoc reports emailed to you so you don’t have to log-in each time to access the reports you look at frequently. Just set it up once and you can receive and read your most wanted reports in your inbox without breaking your routine.

Seeing how your visitors go through your site with the “funnel” feature is also very insightful. Where are you losing your visitors? What pages in the pathway-to-checkout needs to be revamped? Looking at aggregate data this way can help you close the sale and keep the visitors you already attracted to your site stay and buy.

There’s going to be a short time period where you can access both the new and old Google Analytics reporting screens. It may be worth it for you to whiz through the new animated product tour that highlights some of the new features in the revamped offering.

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