Vonage Tip: How To Turn Anonymous Caller ID Block On or Off

One of the reasons why you signed-up for Vonage is the pleathora of features that come included in the calling packages – unlike the a la carte pricing that Verizon and other landline local carriers charge.


If you have Caller ID, you want to know who’s on the other end before you pick-up.  But sometimes, people BLOCK their own Caller ID, so that you have no clue because they become anonymous.  In fact, sometimes the Caller ID display literally says “Anonymous”. 


Did you know that there is a feature that blocks those calls which are witholding their own Caller ID number when calling you? (more…)

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How to Send an Outbound Fax If You Have Vonage (Free)

Most of us have access to a fax machine with we really need to send a fax — either a work or home or perhaps the local Staples store.  But it’s usually not the most convenient thing to do when we really need to send a document via fax. 


If you’re a Vonage customer, there’s a new way to send almost any document via Fax through Vonage’s website.  You can fax Microsoft Office files like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and even PDF files.  The new “alpha” V-Fax service is available to all Vonage customers free of charge.  Here’s how . . .

How to send a fax via Vonage online:


  • Log into your Vonage account at the V-Fax page: https://v-fax.vonage.com/
  • Enter the destination fax number
  • Click “BROWSE” and find the document you want to send (any Word, Powerpoint Excel or PDF file)
  • Click “PREVIEW” to submit the file to fax and see what the recipient will see on their fax machine
  • If you like what you see, simply click on “FAX FILE” and Vonage will send the fax on your behalf
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email with a copy of the faxed document that was sent


This service combined with any of the free e-fax inbound services like j2.com, k7.net, etc basically solves most of your faxing needs!  You now have a free out-bound fax service from your PC and also free inbound fax services.  What else do you need?

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Fiber Optic TV is Better Than Comcast Cable Television

If you have both Comcast Cable TV + Comcast Hi-Speed Internet, your monthly Comcast bill is undoubtedly north of $100/month.  If you have digital cable or have a shiny new plasma TV with HD, your Comcast bill is probably something like $180 every month.


Do you realize that’s $2,160/year!?!  Are you getting your money’s worth?  If some guy shows up to your doorstep and asks for $2,160 for ANYTHING, I bet you’d be demanding enough to make sure you really got everything you deserve.


You may have noticed Verizon trucks blocking traffic in different parts of town over the last several months.  They’re not repairing damaged lines or anything like that.  They’re spending billions of dollars re-wiring the whole town with fiber-optic cable so that they can deliver fiber optic TV services to every house that wants it — including yours.


Basically, you can get *super-high-speed* internet services — about 5 faster than Comcast, just with the cheapest Verizon FiOS Fiber Optic Internet Service.  Which means you can really share the internet connection with everyone in the house and have internet phone lines (called VoIP) *and* have everyone use it at the same time — but no one will ever notice the difference.  It’s that fast.


Now, Verizon has announced that it has started to sell TV services, called Verizon FiOS TV – yes, your telephone company wants to sell you television services – which compete head to head with the cable provider.  What do you get?  Super cool features that are now available only because fibre optic cables can carry more data than regular cable tv cables.  It’s a lot of techno-super-babble involved, but basically, you get more than Comcast – they have DVR services so you don’t need a Tivo anymore, they have more HD channels for the plasma you just bought, and they basically bundle their super-high-speed internet service with the FiOS TV service if you want.


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How to Turn Off Call Waiting on Your Vonage Phone Line

Call waiting is one of the basic features that most VoIP phone lines like Vonage include that traditional off-line phone companies charge extra for, like in the case of Verizon.  And most people on Earth seem to know how to use it when a 2nd call is coming through — just click the switch hook on the phone handset/cradle or some phones have a “FLASH” button on the keypad.  You basically just keep pressing that button to toggle back and forth between the 2 simultaneous calls on the line.

However, most people don’t know how to TURN OFF CALL WAITING completely or at least TEMPORARILY DISABLE CALL WAITING for a given call that you’re about to make.  Here’s how… (more…)

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