Details of Official Samsung Blackjack i607 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade


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20 Responses

  1. alex says:

    got to pint where update v 1.6.4 screen is, used the alternate link, and when start option comes up it asks me for select an image to download.

    the phone is still on the boot_ok_ping


  2. Kenny says:


    Try powering down the phone completely again. Then restart the upgrade program on the pc, enter the passkeys. Turn on the phone in downloader mode. Connect USB cable and continue the process. It should work…good luck!


  3. Joe says:

    I had the same problem with my desktop. I tried it on my laptop and it worked no problem. The one thing I noticed was that on the desktop it never asked my for the keys and it did on the laptop. I have no idea what the problem was. Crazy.

  4. Kenny says:

    Another issue might be anti-virus and firewall. Make sure that you turn both off before doing the upgrade.

  5. Dillon says:

    I could not get the Samsung Modem Driver to download on my computer, but i went ahead with downloading WM6. Everything goes smoothly until phase 3 (updating the phone). I just stopped the downloading and my phone works fine with WM6! But when i check to see if the version is updated (by typing “*#1234#”), the PDA code is updated but not the phone’s code

    but so far it still works like normal!

  6. Robert B says:

    I do not get the Screen for the Passwords.. It goes srtaight to the Start downloading screen and then I try and DL and I get “Select an Image to Download”.
    There is no way this can be that dang hard to do!
    I have been on the phone with Tech Support and Level 3 and they just Pi** me off because I can not understand them..
    Someone help me with this PLEASEEEEEEE

  7. Al says:

    I have done the reboot on my pc and blackjack, when I try to update with the WM6 it ask for to select an image?

    I have downloaded all the modem drivers and everything. Still not able to get WM6???

    Any real help out there?

  8. Tutungzone says:

    I had issues as well and found it to be the firewall I was using. The install went smooth, but have noticed that the phone seems to freeze or lock up if it looses signal and you try to send a text message. Basically you have to restart the phone to get signal back. Kinda strange, and not happy about that. Any ideas? Anyone else having an issue like this?


    Yes, turn off the firewall software, then it allows me to enter the ID and KEY, otherwise, it didn’t prompt me.

    If you have McAfee SecurityCenter, just select the “Configure” tab, then the “Internet & Network” link, and in the “Internet & Network Configuration” panel, select the radio button to turn Firewall protection Off.

    After that is done, you can run the Upgrade program just fine and it should prompt you for the ID and the KEY.

  10. Andy says:

    I can see the AT&T logo and the new WM6 Window start-up screen but after this, “goodbye” and off.

  11. orlando says:

    every thing runs smoothly until it gets to phase 2 and the the rom pauses and then says time out. can’t access device and on the phone the usb downloader goes from phase 2 start to usb cable power off and all of my antivirus software is turned off including windows firewall i am running win xp pro someone please help cause samsung was no help they jus told me to send in my phone

  12. Olsi says:

    I’ve bought an unlocked blackjack.will it be relocked after the wm6 upgrade?

  13. Kenny says:

    @Olsi: Personally, I had an unlocked Blackjack before I upgraded too. When I performed the self-upgrade as described above, it did not lock it again.

    But on a separate, but related note, the way I had my Blackjack unlocked was by calling AT&T Wireless and telling them that I was traveling internationally to Mexico and needed my phone unlocked. They provided the code/instructions immediately without question.

  14. A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks….what theme is this you are using and also, where is your RSS button ?

  15. Bryan says:

    I had the problem where I never saw the prompt to enter the pass codes. I disabled all anti-virus & firewalls (McAfee) and it worked perfectly.

  16. rfair404 says:

    I’m stuck. I tried the upgrade (every last detail), and all is well up until actually doing the upgrade. When I power on the phone in download mode, windows xp found new hardware comes up. It will not install drivers automatically, or when specified from the drivers I previously downloaded and installed successfully.

    I turned off AV and firewall and had the same results. Have uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers, also no help.

    I also tried it on my wife’s Vis*a computer. I could not even get the modem drivers to install at all, there, so I gave up.

    All help appreciated!

  17. Akinmolusun Seun says:

    why is that my own PDA/Phone version reads i607UCGB4 while those in upgrading tutorial reads i607UCHA1

  18. JOe says:

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to get to the download page for actually downloading the WM6 update file? I have not been able to get there at all. Also the alternate link is asking me for a password. I am guessing that the file no longer resides there. Does anyone have the file or a location that I can actually get it from currently?

  19. Dan says:

    Also looking for the WM6 update file. The link on the Samsung support site is still down, and the alternate link still password protected. I just bought a brand new SGH-I607 and want to upgrade it.

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Details of Official Samsung Blackjack i607 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade
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