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33 Responses

  1. polly says:

    Please contact me with the phone number of a person that I can speak to directly concerning the charges on my account. There is a developmentally delayed adult child that has been receiving ring tones. Please discontinue these services and contact me asap.

    Polly *****

    [edited to remove personally identifiable information]

  2. Kenny says:


    I don’t think eMusic is the source of rings tones sent to your cell phone nor email since eMusic does not sell ringtones to the best of my knowledge.

    However, to answer your request for contact with eMusic, the eMusic site prefers communication via email not telephone telling by the fact that a customer service tel # is not published anywhere on the site as far as I can see. Very frustrating, I know.

    But here’s a suggestion — you may want to take it up with their media contacts listed on the site, which have direct dials to emusic staff. While these may be contacts in a PR agency on eMusic’s behalf, they should have contact with people within the company directly themselves.

    Good luck.

    Cathy Halgas Nevins
    212-201-9201 or

    Denise Yantin
    212-300-2885 or

  3. camisha says:

    i would like to cancel my account with you. i no longer want your services. thank you.

  4. Kenny says:


    Thanks for reading – but we do not work for Just follow the directions in the article above to cancel your emusic account.

  5. tim acton says:

    I do not have an emusic account so why is my bank drafting monies to pay this account, and to whom do I address this issue for reiembersement?

  6. Kenny says:


    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with eMusic. I’d suggest calling or emailing the 2 contacts above at eMusic directly to see if they can help you out.

    You’d probably be best also to immediately notify your credit card company of the unauthorized charges.

  7. bonnie burrus says:

    you people are a big rip off. and you will be hearing from my bank.

  8. Kenny says:

    Bonnie — Sorry to hear your anger at eMusic.

    BUT, is NOT!

    I am simply trying to help users (perhaps like you) who want to cancel by showing them exactly how they are to do it in this blog post…

  9. Delorus says:

    I don’t know who you people think you are but I don’t even have an account through you. But it’s alright because my bank is doing an investigation and from the looks of all the other emails mine won’t be the only one. If this is your way of getting business your just loosing more because of your dishonesty. I would have signed up other hadn’t it been for this.

  10. Delorus says:

    And another thing. Don’t sit there and email back saying your sorry like you really care because these emails were from January and February and your still ripping people off. It’s March and you ripped me off, so it you really care you’ll quit stealing peoples money because it’s illegal.

  11. Kenny says:

    Please read comments #3, 5, 7 & 9 above. All of them are trying to point out the fact that THIS WEBSITE,, is NOT

    I am an independent blogger, not the company {Perhaps you should read the ABOUT page for more}.

    While I hear your anger, there’s nothing I can personally do about it.

    But I do suggest that you go and log into the account and follow the instructions above to cancel the subscription immediately to avoid any further charges.

    The previous charges is another issue that you are obviously taking up with your bank.

  12. Nefertari Raven says:

    please cancel me from your program. please last 4 number on my card is 4816

  13. Kenny says:

    NEFERTARI — Sorry, but as I’ve repeated several times above, this site is not owned or operated by eMusic. Thus I cannot cancel your eMusic account.

    I suggest you try to read and follow the directions in the above blog post or contact eMusic directly.

    Good luck!

  14. Kris says:

    Growgh! I subscriped to this Lloyds TSB 35 songs free trial for students… unfortunately I downloaded 36 instead of 35 songs and those ******* charged 87 from my account for an annual subscription. Of course I don’t want it so I’d like to cancel it but am I gonna get any money back? Really hope I can there is at least a way of paying for this month and they return me the rest of my money!:((( anyone with a similar experience?

  15. Mitchell Townsend says:

    Thanks for all the offers. I may try later.

  16. Timbo says:

    Emusic charged me an unexpected annual bill, which would have left me without groceries for the next week. Thanks to your site and the Communications Director numbers you published, I was able to call them directly and have the charges reversed.

    They were very courteous and efficient in handling my case.

    Here is a better number 212.
    300.2862. This is their operator. She did not say Emusic when she answered the phone, just her name. Ask for customer service.

  17. Kenny says:

    TIMBO! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    So at least one CONFIRMED telephone number that works is:


    While I personally like and their affordable pricing, not every music service is for every person.

    So hopefully other people who check out the free trial and download their free 50 songs (which is literally worth $49.50 if you think about purchasing 50 songs off but don’t want to continue, this is a helpful avenue.

  18. diana suzuki says:

    Hi. I cannot get into the emusic site anymore- I get a Timeout Page Load (?)
    I have been trying for a month now. A tech at emusic suggested I contact my internet provider- at&t and I get the same Timeout page when I google them…. All this happened when I changed internet providers from a local one to at&t.
    Any help would be welcomed! thanks, diana

  19. rocioleon says:


    I was having the same problem and thank God I came across this number

    1866 240 9271

    I was finally able to cancel!!! please pass this number along

  20. mona rioridan says:

    emusic is a big rip off i tried to cancel my account an they wanted me to put in my card # so they could take my money

  21. JAN says:

    Ihave been trying to cancel this emusic account. Have called the number that is posted on their website all i get is an automated teller. I followed the instructions to cancel by clicking on account and i get no response from that button nor the profile button. It just keep requesting me to pick a plan. The music that I purchased did not download it expired during the download and i cannot re-download. once I signed up the words were readable now i need a magnifying glass to read their policies. This has became and is a hassel.

  22. nita hunt says:

    i was just replying to a questionaire on my walmart reciept—made the mistake of
    looking at emusic, not knowing who they were. next thing i know they are emailing me to select some music [ 7 days are up by now! ] and i can’t find out how to cancel something i never signed up for to begin with. i don’t even have a password yet!

  23. nita hunt says:

    “Change” what?

  24. nita hunt says:

    I don’t want to modify it

  25. Pam says:

    Thank you. I also could not get to the account section, so the phone number was very helpful. The rep was nice enough and she said I won’t be billed. I’ll let you know if anything changes!

  26. Maria says:

    Heh, wow. I can’t believe reading comments (the really old ones) people were yelling at you, if they’re that retarded, they sort of deserved to get ripped off. Thank you for this article! Helped.

  27. email s@#$ks says:

    this page is out of date it. is not simple to cancel subscriptions anymore and anyone getting an offer for free music BEWARE!!!

  28. Kenny says:

    You can contact customer service online via:

    To CANCEL your account, you can go to this page:

    If you don’t remember your password, then go here first:

    Once you have canceled your account you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

  29. joseph hoare says:

    i am trying to cancel an account i did not know that i was subscribing to. can you please cancel this account immediatly.

    thanking you

    joseph hoare

  30. joseph hoare says:

    i still cannot cancel this account through your site. it keeps blocking me any way i go. can you please cancel this account or let me know how to.

  31. you have my email and phone numbers. If you feel the need to ask me not to go to the attorney and make things right! I see a class action lawsuite in the future!

  32. Kenny says:

    Sorry, but as the post says, THIS SITE IS NOT OWNED BY EMUSIC. I am a tech blogger just trying to help people like you out.

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How to Cancel Free Trial Subscription
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