How To Change The Default Font in Microsoft Outlook 2007


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9 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    The only problem I am still having, and can not figure out how to fix it, is that I selected the times new roman font, and made it “bold and Italic”. When I make a new e-mail, it works. But when I reply, it’s not bold or italic. The font is the right “times new roman” and the color is the correct one I selected, just the style is not bold or italic. Any advice????

  2. Lam says:

    I have similar problem as well. It seems the clipboard memory is messed up since I am copying and pasting a lot I would notice my fonts changes from the source but the odd thing is the source is all the same font through out the document then all of a sudden not just the destination area change but all my document that I was working on would change and you cannot use undo. Afterward all the replies that I would do the remain part of the day would be shrinking in size too small to read. Yet the font size is still saying size 14 for Time New Roman.

  3. James says:

    Font question. Evedently I uninstalled the type font that is used throughout VISTA, including the email subject lines and some window titles. It used to be nice and small and contemporary, but noe it is a font that is somewhat pixelated. What font did I mistakenly uninstall, and where do I go to re-install? I have tried in the “Font and Stationary” setting in OUTLOOK, because it was changed from Consolas (spelling??) to something else weird, but I fixed that … just don’t know where to go to fix, or what font to choose. Any help?? Do I need to go through APPEARANCE – if so, what Item would it be listed as?

  4. Kenny says:

    @Mario – you can select TOOLS / OPTIONS / STATIONERY & FONTS — and then change the font preferences for each type of correspondence (NEW, REPLY, etc). Hope that works!

  5. Dee says:

    Not sure if it’s the correct way to change the default font in Outlook 2007. If you open the .htm file in Word for the theme you are using and change the font, size, color and save it you will have it saved in Outlook as well. A few things I noticed. If I changed the font size, my default font changed to Times New Roman when I saved, but if I used the button on the toolbar to enlarge the font it stayed the same size I made it upon save and exit. Be sure to reopen the file once you’re done to be sure it saved your changes. If you don’t know which theme you are using, open up Tools > Options > Mail Format > Stationery and Fonts in Outlook. Then use Microsoft search to find that file. Once you have the name and location you can easily access it in Word. Hope this helps.

  6. Rob Schipper says:

    Creat a batch file with this content:

    rem Set Outlook 2007 to arial font

    cd windows\fonts
    ren SEGOE*.* SEGOE*.*.ORG
    copy arial.ttf SEGOEUI.*
    copy arialbd.ttf SEGOEUIB.*
    copy ariali.ttf SEGOEUII.*
    copy arialbi.ttf SEGOEUIZ.*

  7. mike says:

    i have succesfully find the options to change the default font… however…

    when i compose a new mail using a stationary created in web expression which uses only verdana … i still get the themes new roman which i don’t like.. on my html presentation mail.. any suggestions please?

    thank you

  8. Jim W says:

    I have tried the above umpteen times, but every sinle time in the Signautres & Stationery >> Personal Stationery area, the FONT button for “Replying or forwarding messages” is grayed out. I have no clue now to make it operational. Yes, I have done the HTML stuff. Thanks in advance.

  9. Gerald Marisch says:

    I’m using Outlook 2007. I select Rich Text, ARIEL BOLD for my Send and Receive email font. BOLD appears if I DON’T exit Outlook 2007 w/ Windows7. If I exit and re-enter Outlook 2007, the font is Regular, not Bold, when I compose or reply to an email. How can this be corrected?

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How To Change The Default Font in Microsoft Outlook 2007
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